मंगलवार, 17 अगस्त 2010

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1. Dipesh Chandra : 
Dipesh Chandra
Dipesh Chandra is a Delhi based Independent Filmmaker. He pursuing Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication from Guru Govind Singh Indraprasta University, Delhi. He worked as an assistant director/fixer/researcher for movie prisms of light, With Irish film maker Yolanda barker for feature length documentary prisms of light, 82 minutes documentary (its under post production now ) in London. Mr. Dipesh Chandra also worked with American filmmaker Nadeem uddin as fixer and researcher for Ganges project (film focusing environmental problem) .(under production it will go for few years more). He worked with Mr. Uddin on a documentary on Bauls; Movie about “baul tribes” especially their traditional music which is in danger to die and worked as an assistant director (1)for national channel of India (DD K SRINAGAR). Mr. Chandra directed and produced all festive documentary for national channel of India (DD K SRINAGAR). He (along his creative team ) filmed kumbh mela 2010 and its under post production.

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