बुधवार, 7 जुलाई 2010

Appan Samachar-Solution Based Media

MEIS Trust produces “Appan Samachar” bulletin fortnightly. The content of this all-women community news network is decided by a "Team of Women Reporters" & "Community Editorial Board" based on viewer feedback and key campaign issues. Different segments might include:
• Community News - the issues of farmers & poor communities, such as government schemes, local health & hygine issues,  and upcoming events that are not covered by the mainstream news
• Public Opinions – the public opinions on different local and burning issues. 
• Success Stories - the students & local people who work on innovative ideas and inventions in agriculture sector and such as families that have found economic success through educating their girls
• Short Documentaries – the stories on various local problems, community based issues like-social evils, health & hygine, mal-nutrition, envirnment, HIV/AIDS, RTI and stories where families speak out against alcoholism.
• Legal Awareness - i.e., what to do if police personnel don't lodge FIR. 
• Local Culture and Music – could be introductions to the festivals of another community/religion
• Interviews – interview of local farmers, agriculture scientist, experts, local represantatives, polece personnel, local leaders, officials etc.
• Editorial – where the news network and the reporters take their stand-for-change on the issue and give follow up action points
• Local humour/jokes/skits – because we need to make people laugh!
• Election Campaign – election campaign to educate & aware voters.
• Human Rights & Environment Programme – special programme on human rights & environment.

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