सोमवार, 15 फ़रवरी 2021

World's First Bhojpuri Podcast "Dharti Maiya" launched

Patna. On Sunday, February 14, the world's first Bhajpuri podcast 'Dharti Maiya' has launched in a simple ceremony at La Pintura Studio at Ashiana Mod in Patna. As chief guest, Dr. Atul Aditya, head of the Department of Geology of Patna Science College, released the podcast prepared under the direction of Siddhant Sarang, a graduate student of Delhi University. On this occasion, Dr. Atul said that this podcast has been produced by Siddhant Sarang of Muzaffarpur in Bhojpuri, a local dialect. This attempt of the principle is unique because this program has been made in its own language, in its bid, with the aim of making people aware on serious issues like climate change. It has been launched with the idea of ​​spreading the message of climate change to every section of the society and changing the attitude of people about Bhojpuri language. Dr. Atul said that local diagnosis of global problem is necessary. The problem of climate change is the most burning in today's time. The group of youth is trying on this, what can be better than this. 

Siddhant Sarang said that this is Bhojpuri's first podcast on climate change, which we will bring to the audience every week. Each episode will take different aspects of the environment, so that it can be easily explained to the general audience. Siddhant said, The environment is changing rapidly. Apart from demanding the government to take action for this, public awareness is also very important. Using their own language to reach the common people is the most effective way for awareness. With this view, we have chosen the Bhojpuri language to talk about climate change. This podcast will be the world's first Bhojpuri podcast. When a common man tries to know what Climate Change exactly is, he Googles or read newspaper. But the information is so much and so extensive that it becomes difficult for him to understand the simple compact of climate change. This podcast tries to give information about different aspects of climate change in a very simple but effective way.

This podcast is made by Siddhant Sarang, with the help of RJ Apoorw. Siddhant Sarang is a 20 years old student at Delhi University, born in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. He also won UK's The Diana Award in 2019 for his works towards Climate Change. He represented India at One Young World 2019 Summit in London, on the scolarship of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust. RJ Apoorw is an RJ of Radio Mirchi Patna. He is known for using music for social actions.

Radio Mirchi's RJ Apoorva contributed to the making of this podcast. Apoorva is watching the sound design of this podcast. He also has a role in scripting as well. On this occasion, Pradeep Mishra, director of Manav Bharti International School, also presented a song on environment. Many people were present, including yoga guru Sanjay Prasad and painter Ankita.

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